A Compact & Low Cost Solution

Multi Split System Air Conditioning & Wall Mounted Air Conditioners are made up of two components; the compressor / condenser unit and the evaporator or multiple evaporators. The compressor / condenser unit is located outside the home or office to ensure quiet operation and the evaporator unit is positioned within the room, with a free flow fan to circulate conditioned air evenly.

For flexibility, the evaporator unit can be mounted either below the ceiling on the wall or as a console type, standing on the floor. Multi Split Systems have multiple evaporator units known as multi type systems connected to a single condenser. The indoor units connected in a multi split air conditioning system can range from wall mounted air conditioning units to combination of smallish ducted systems, floor mounted, bulkhead or other indoor units which we design to meet your budget, effectiveness. Either way, the two sections may be installed some distance apart, but must be connected by wiring or refrigerant piping.

Split system air conditioners are available in a wide range of capacities to suit most rooms in commercial and residential applications.

  • Small, Compact and Low Cost (energy efficiency/ energy savings)
  • Designed to conveniently and efficiently cool or heat a single room
  • Reverse cycle (heating and cooling) or cooling only
  • Circulates air to heat or cool a room evenly