Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT – An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

Hills Air provides a wide range of air conditioning maintenance and breakdown services for all types of home cooling and heating systems. We recommend that your residential ac unit and heating equipment be checked and maintained twice a year. We also recommend having a preventative maintenance service in the spring before you start using and in the height of summer and in autumn before the fall of winter. Much better to catch a problem before it becomes an expensive breakdown during a heatwave in summer or a freeze in winter.

On a maintenance service, we ensure your air conditioning system is operating to 100%. Following is a general list of requirements we recommend to keep your system in its most effective order to operate saving you operation cost.

FILTERS Ensure they are clean, installed correctly in the filter frame, ensure that it isn’t broken down letting unfiltered air pass through into your system.
CONDENSATE  DRAINS Very critical that they are flushed and tested to ensure water is draining away, as these can block up causing a flood, if a ducted air conditioning or ceiling concealed system it can be extremely costly to repair if your ceilings become flooded out.
ELECTRICAL Ensure all electrical connections are tight to prevent fires and shorting out to your system causing damage to other parts.
ZONING Ensure your zone damper actuators are opening and closing correctly and ensure you know what the zone ordering is correct.
DUCTING Ensure the ducting is all connected and not leaking air into the ceiling cavity.
REFRIGERATION SYSTEM Ensure that the cooling system has the correct refrigerant level, all valve caps are fitted and they are not leaking.

Consider the Dividends

Improves System Efficiency – Improves efficiency of your system operation, which in return reduces your energy bill.

Improves Air Quality – Improve the air quality inside your home with clean filters.

Peace of Mind – Periodic inspections ensure lubricating, adjusting, and cleaning of your equipment keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they can cause trouble.

Automatic Reminders – We contact you when it is time for inspections (Autumn and Spring)

Longer Product Life – A known fact that regular maintenance and service on mechanical equipment prolongs its life: it also keeps the equipment at peak efficiency and lowers your utility bill.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Hills Air Conditioning’s integrated approach to HVAC system extends beyond the design & build of both traditional and complex HVAC solutions.

We provide air conditoning repair service and preventative planned maintenance agreement service programs (PPMAS). We service all types of commercial and industrial air con and ventilation systems.

Our reliable service team of qualified refrigeration and fully licensed AC technicians performs scheduled maintenance servicing contracts covering government departments, offices, schools, restaurants, pubs & bars, retail shops, laborites, sporting and recreational facilities, medical and hospital industries, wine storage, and many other industries.

We provide an emergency break down servicing, our mission is to attend to your issues in minimal time to have your equipment back into operation immediately. If you have an emergency please email or call us on 02 8834 5877.

We provide preventative planned maintenance agreement service programs (PPMAS). We ensure all systems have regular service or to suit the application or climate it is located in. The commercial air conditioning services ensure all the services comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and ensure the equipment is kept in good order to prevent unexpected cost, fatigue, and down time.

Our servicing goes beyond the expectations as it’s not just the main plant(s) that needs to be serviced. We ensure that the diffusers and air intakes are cleaned, ducts are clean, ask those in the area being conditioned if they have any issues, comments to report. On completion of each air conditioner service, reports are completed and we shall communicate with those that manage the buildings or the facilities manager. Should we find an issue we endeavor to rectify this as soon as we have approval for the extra work required.

Hills Air Conditioning – Providing Cleaner, Crisp conditioned air, and ventilation for a healthier environment in your commercial space.

Consider the Dividends

  • The basic benefits from a preventative planned maintenance agreement service programmed
  • Reduces downtime & operating costs
  • Minimises costly repairs
  • Extends equipment life.
  • Reduces liability exposure with potential insurance savings
  • Improves tenant, employee, and customer relations
  • Increase retail value

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What our clients have to say

Arranged a service & got the best report on our air conditioner including photos, the technician explained the cost of repair and corrosion in the unit and that it would be better to replace the system, I went ahead with their recommendations for a new Mitsubishi Electric system and WOW its quiet and efficient. As for their workmanship I could not fault it, they arrived on time, even had their own vacuum cleaner and vacuumed up after they had finished, wished all trades personnel were like that! Keep up the good work Hills and will be recommending you.

Ruth King, Paddington

Very professional and meticulous, the installers were a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them to everyone. They made sure we understood what was going on and instructed on the workings of the system installed.

Tanya Thu, Castle Hill

Great work guys on fixing the A/C temperature issues in my office, my office staff are more than happy.
Also the cleaning of the grilles WOW they look like new certainly will have you back to service it again.

Greg Matos, North Sydney