Experience Total Comfort with A Ducted Air Conditioner

Ducted, Package, or Central air conditioning systems are the ultimate, most effective way to provide total comfort to residential or commercial applications. They are suitable for single, multi dwellings. Ducted air conditioning systems consist of an indoor fan unit known as the evaporator and an outdoor unit known as a condenser unit. They range from 5kw’s and up to 40kw’s. The fan indoor unit is normally either concealed in the ceiling roof cavity or under the house in the subfloor area. Residential systems would normally have flexible ducting and commercial would have sheet metal ducting distributing condition air to the areas being cooled or heated through stylish diffusers or vents with an air intake which for residential applications has a filter located in the grille.

Ducted air conditioners are available with multiple controls, and be fully zoned up to 8 zones to meet your needs with optional VAV temperature control which saves on the running cost. Refrigeration pipes and electrical interconnect between the indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor units are positioned in a good ventilation area on the exterior of the building.

Ducted air conditioning system are available in a wide range of capacities to suit most rooms in commercial and residential applications, following is just some of the features of ducted AC.

  • Multiple Controllers.
  • WI-FI Controllable on selected systems.
  • Connect to home automation.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Standard up to 8 Zones.
  • An optional feature of VAV temperature control.
  • Available in single phase (240volts) up to 16-17kw’s in selected brands
  • We recommend energy efficient models.

If you’re looking for a company that can install ducted air conditioning Sydney in your property, Hills Air Conditioning can help with the installation of your air conditioning unit as well other high quality HVAC services such as repairs or maintenance!