Commercial Maintenance

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT – An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

Hills Air Conditioning’s integrated approach to HVAC extends beyond the design & build of both traditional and complex HVAC solutions.

Hills Air Conditioning provides break down service and preventative planned maintenance agreement service programs (PPMAS). We service all commercial and industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Hills Air Conditioning service team of qualified refrigeration and air conditioning technicians perform scheduled maintenance servicing contracts covering from government departments, offices, schools, restaurants, pubs & bars, retail shops, laborites, sporting and recreational facilities, medical and hospital industries, wine storage and many other industries.

We provide emergency break down servicing, our mission is to attend to your issues in the minimal time to have your equipment back into operation immediately. If you have an emergency please email

Hills Air Conditioning provides preventative planned maintenance agreement service programs (PPMAS). We ensure all systems have regular service or to suite the application or climate it is located in. The service ensures all the service complies with the manufacturer’s specifications and to ensure the equipment is keep in good order to prevent unexpected cost, fatigue and down time.

Our servicing goes beyond the expectations as it’s not just the main plant(s) that needs to be serviced. We ensure that the diffusers and air intakes are cleaned, ducts are clean, ask those in the area being conditioned if they have any issues, comments to report. On completion of each service reports are completed and we shall communicate with those that manage the buildings or the facilities manager. Should we find an issue we endeavor to rectify this as soon as we have approval for the extra work required.

Hills Air Conditioning – Providing Cleaner, Crisp conditioned air and ventilation for a healthier environment.

Consider the Dividends:

  • The basic benefits from a preventative planned maintenance agreement service programmed
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Minimises costly repairs
  • Extends equipment life.
  • Reduces liability exposure with potential insurance savings
  • Improves tenant, employee and customer relations
  • Increase retail value